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Why I Started Blogging?

I’ve transferred my blog to WordPress in January of this year and started uploading content on it a bit more frequently than I did in the last three years. Yesterday I saw that I had reached fifty subscribers and I was completely bowled over. Fifty subscribers may not seem like much to a successful blogger…… Continue reading Why I Started Blogging?

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Nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award

  I have been nominated by the awesome Pocket Treasure’s Blog for The Sunshine Blogger Award, and I’m a excited about this to be honest. I feel like I’m part of something cool hehe. Blogging is something dear to me and the fact that I get to interact with amazing bloggers makes me happy. I’m am just…… Continue reading Nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award

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Book Review: The Night Bird by Brian Freeman

Full title: The Night Bird (Frost Easton Mystery Book 1) *CONTAINS SPOILERS* I’m not sure if this book is available in print but I borrowed it on my Kindle through Amazon Prime book borrowing program. Like the title says it’s the first of a series, the titular character being Frost Easton, a detective with the…… Continue reading Book Review: The Night Bird by Brian Freeman

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Where Do You Get Your Writing Ideas?

Where do you get your ideas? Not very often I might be engaged in a conversation with another human, and I might reveal the fact that I write stories. Mostly it won’t be an interesting topic for them and they’ll likely move on but sometimes I get asked, “What do you write about?” My tongue gets…… Continue reading Where Do You Get Your Writing Ideas?

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In Love with my new Kindle Paperwhite

Words cannot explain my excitement. I’ve used the Kindle App on my phone or tablet for years and I never thought to buy the actual thing. I figured I could do everything on the app and I’d see everything on a colored display. But…recently I’ve been having distractions when reading. I feel disappointed in myself…… Continue reading In Love with my new Kindle Paperwhite

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Minimalist Living & It’s Economic Properties

Let me just quickly insert a disclaimer that this post is in no way bashing a lavish lifestyle. You should spend your money whichever way you please but if you’re interested in learning how to cut out unnecessary things from your life, please proceed. When I first started working at eighteen, I had no responsibilities like…… Continue reading Minimalist Living & It’s Economic Properties

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Stereotyping Stay-At-Home Moms

At some point in time, do you fellow stay-at-home moms feel like there’s a stigma attached to solely taking care of your kids? From what I’ve experienced, there is. There are times that I find myself defending my decision to be a stay at home mother to people whose opinions shouldn’t even matter. I often…… Continue reading Stereotyping Stay-At-Home Moms